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Bro. Ernesto Morillo is awarded Alumni Brother of the Year!

Updated: Feb 2, 2020

Congrats are in order for Bro. Ernesto Morillo on his well deserved "Outstanding Alumni Brother of the Year" recognition. Bro. Morillo Spring 2016 initiate of Alpha Alpha Lambda was worked tirelessly on the Frat's behalf since he crossed. Currently serving as the Social & Fundraising Chair, Bro. Morillo consistently creates and promotes outstanding events for the Brotherhood. His exuberant energy, together with his strong leadership skills results in Alpha Alpha Lambda events being consistently sold out and always exceeding its fundraising goals. In addition, Bro. Morillo serves as the Chapter Sergeant-at-Arms, always making sure our meetings and events are orderly, safe and the doings of Alpha are secured. A modest Morillo always defers to the other Brothers of the Chapter as the reason for his passion, work ethic and enthusiasm for the Fraternity. We salute Brother Morillo for his work and his beautiful family for allowing him to share his gifts with us.

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