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The Brick City Alphas Welcome the PHrozen PHaroahs of PHate

On November 12, 2022 the 123rd House of Alpha welcomed its newest initiates into the House of Alpha. These 9 men proved they have what it takes to be recognized as Brothers of the most illustrious Fraternity in the World, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.. Introducing

The PHrozen PHaroahs of PHate

#1 Jaivian Gaetan - PHathom #2 Antony Smith - PHranchise

#3 Justin Scott-Young - PHuture

#4 Moshood Muftau - PHourthright

#5 Paul Bromely - PHortress

#6 Donald Howard, Jr. - PHoundation

#7 Jahaad Martin - PHenom

#8 Alan Bond, Jr. - PHundamental

#9 Kyle Ramsey - PHinalé

For more information about their bios please look here.

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